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Getting a Replacement License Plate

How do I get a new license plate?

There are a few situations you might find yourself in that has you wondering how to get a new plate for your car. You might be moving to a new state. Maybe you are purchasing a new, or new-to-you, car. (Congratulations to you and your new car if that be the case!)

Getting a new plate for your car, involves first, registering your car. This is more important than it might sound; if you get pulled over, the first thing the police ask you for is your registration. Your registration is proof that you own your car. Once you register your car and pay all the necessary operating fees for your vehicle, you can then get your license plates.

So, How exactly do you get this done? It’s not difficult if you plan ahead and have all your ducks in a row (or tires in line?) beforehand. First, you visit your local DMV. Many states offer the service online, where you can download the necessary forms from the internet. The benefit to going to DMV in-person is that you can obtain your license plate the same day.

When you visit the DMV, you will need to provide a copy of the title. This identifies you as the owner. If you have a car payment or owe money on the car, the lienholder still has title. In this case, you can request a form of the DMV to give to the lienholder. Also, some states may require a state-certified inspection agency to inspect your car. If this is the case in your state, the inspection agency will need to verify the car meets the state requirements.

Finally, you will need proof of the value of the vehicle. You can use the Bill of Sale for this. If the DMV is not able to determine the value of your car, you will have to submit a receipt. If you haven’t paid taxes on the purchase of your car, the state will charge you at this time.

*If you’ve purchased your car from a dealer, you’re in luck! This process is often taken care of by the dealership. Here at Auto Tags of Broward, we can help you with all your license plate, auto tag, and title needs. We offer all tag and title services, all with the availability to complete it on the same day. With three locations in Broward County, there’s no better auto tag or title place to go - call us today!

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