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Auto Tags of Oakland Park

Same-day service available! 

Text or Call (954) 641-8710

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We offer all registration and title services for all motor vehicles!

Auto Motor Vehicles

This is the most popular type of registration or title that we serve.


We offer all motor vehicle services you can come across. This starts with the most basic and necessary, as we provide full tag, title and registration services along with title transfers. We also offer vanity and personalized plates, along with lost and/or replacement plates. We have services that can assist individuals with imported vehicles, along with HOV decals for electric or hybrid car drivers. If you need unique tags or registration for your antique or classic car, we offer that as well. We also have replacement decals, and (of course) renewals.


Full Tag, Title, and Registration Transfer Services


Lost/Replacement License Plates


HOV Decals


Replacement Decals


Title Transfers


Imported Vehicles


Antique/Classic Cars



We serve the ENTIRE state of Florida as a courier service to register all types of private and commercial vehicles and vessel.

Text or Call (954) 641-8710
Mon-Fri:  9am - 4pm
Sat:  Closed

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