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When Do My Auto Tags Expire?

You enjoy driving in wonderful sunny Florida. You need to make sure you know the rules of the road; especially how to drive legally on those roads.

One of those important rules is knowing when your Florida car tags expire. A common misunderstanding of many drivers is that tags expire at the end of the month stated on the sticker that is on your plate. For example, if the sticker has the month of June, you may think you have until the last day of June to renew your tag. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

The reality is, that your tags actually expire on a specific date, which is listed on your registration card. If that date is saying, June 1st, and you waited until June 30th to pay your renewal fees, you are actually thirty days late. This delayed payment could result in late fees.

The convenient part of having your car registered in Florida is if the car is registered in your name, the registration expires at midnight on the day and month of your birth (your birthday). Clearly it makes sense to stay on top of your renewal information. Look at your registration card to be sure the car is registered in your name, and that you are aware ahead-of-time when your tags actually do expire. Being late, as little as one day will automatically incur penalties. One day, or ten days late, incur the same penalty, and they incrementally increase. So stay aware of that important date.

Also, in Florida, license plates have to be replaced after ten years. There are three standard plates offered: a plate stating the county name, “Sunshine State”, or “In God We Trust”. While the county plate is considered a standard plate, it is not offered in every county. License plates must be returned to the state if the plate has an unexpired decal on it, and the insurance has not been maintained. You can either return the plate in-person to a DMV location or mail the plate to DMV, requesting a cancellation.

Keep your car registration in a convenient place in your car. Be sure to keep it up-to-date, and stay safe as you cruise the roads of Florida.

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