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What to Know About Florida Motorcycle Titles

Owning a motorcycle in Florida comes with similar documentation requirements as owning a car. And the number one essential is the title for the vehicle. Both cars and motorcycles are under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) division. Therefore, a lot of the same requirements apply to their registration and title information. Got a motorcycle in Florida? Here’s what you should know about motorcycle titles in Florida.


To register your motorcycle in Florida, you need the following;

  • An original title of the motorcycle, which is to be signed by both the seller and buyer.

  • Bill of sale and registration (applicable to motorcycles bought in states that don’t give titles).

  • Completed application for Certificate of Title under the FLHSMV.

  • A legitimate odometer disclosure after inspection by a recognized person, which could be a law enforcement officer or an employee of the DMV. Note: this is not required for motorcycles of a model that is over 10 years old.

  • Proof of payment for title and registration fees, as well as taxes.

  • A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification of the motorcycle, if purchased outside the state.

Registering motorcycles without Previous Florida titles

For motorcycles that have no titles in Florida, available options include;

  • Motorcycles bought in Florida

If you are buying a motorcycle in Florida, ask the seller for a title. If there is none, tell the seller to get a duplicate title by applying for the ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Lost’ title form at the DMV. That way, you can proceed with the rest of the registration process.

  • Motorcycles bought outside Florida (in a title-requiring state)

If you buy a motorcycle in a state that requires owners to have motorcycle titles, the seller needs to get a duplicate title in that state. Then you can use the duplicate to register for your motorcycle title transfer in Florida.

  • Motorcycles bought outside Florida (in a non-title state)

In a non-title state like Vermont, you can register the motorcycle with a mailed registration application by following the registration requirements. Once it is registered, transfer the motorcycle title to Florida under the FLHSMV.

Requirements for motorcycles in Florida

All motorcycles in Florida must follow these specifications;

  • Well-fitted Rear View Mirrors.

  • Handlebar grips that must not exceed the rider’s shoulder height.

  • Daytime Headlights.

  • Passenger footrests must be used when riding with a passenger.

FAQs about Florida Motorcycle Titles

  • Can I register an out-of-state motorcycle for a Florida title?

Yes. All motorcycles intended for long-term use in Florida must be registered to a valid residential address.

  • Does my old motorcycle have to be registered?

Yes, every motorcycle must be appropriately registered. The only difference for motorcycles of a model over 10 years old is that they may not require an odometer disclosure.

  • Do out-of-state motorcycles require VIN inspections in Florida?

Yes. The VIN inspection and Odometer verifications must be completed during the title transfer.

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