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The Basics of Vehicle Registration in Florida

So you need to register your vehicle. You either just moved here from out of state, or you just bought a new vehicle. Basically, you need the registration in order to use the said vehicle. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to purchasing registration for any of your vehicles, and they are different in each state. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) has put laws into place for registering vehicles for transfer plates in this state. Transfer plates are great if you are moving from another place or already have the plate and just want to get it registered again to have it on a different vehicle. 

Some specific statutes in the Division of Motorist Services by the FLHSMV for the transfer of license plates. The main provisions of the law "authorize the transfer and exchange of license plates and the collection of or exemption from a transfer fee when a replacement vehicle is registered in the same owner's name, in the name of at least one of the previous owners of the license plate, or in the surviving spouse's name." This basically means that as long as the vehicle you are transferring the plate to is also in your name, your living spouse's name, or you are at least one of the previous owners of the license plate, you can transfer the license plate. 

There is also a statute for when "a vehicle owner transfers a registration license plate to a replacement or substitute vehicle the owner acquires from a licensed motor vehicle dealer, the dealer shall provide to the department in a timely manner and via an electronic system administered by the department, information required by the department regarding the transfer. Additionally, the dealer shall give the owner written notice documenting the transfer if the dealer cannot timely provide the required transfer information to the department due to system or connectivity problems. The dealer shall maintain all records required by the department, which must be open to inspection by the department or its agents during reasonable business hours." This is one of the more important statutes of this matter of transferring license plates. 

If you are new to Florida, you have 30 days to title and register your car or vehicle with your local DHSMV as long as you have done this first: 

- Started to work in the state

- Your children have been registered for a Florida school

- Florida residency has been established through lease, purchase, or rental of a house or an apartment. 

In the state of Florida, you will be required to title your truck or car at the same time that it is registered. It is possible to title your vehicle without having it registered, but if you drive that vehicle, it will be illegal if it is not registered. It is also important to keep up with the additional fees to pay on top of the registration fees you will be required to pay. 

Here at Auto Tags of Oakland Park, we are your DMV alternative that will get you in and out on the same day. We are the best, fastest, and most convenient around and will provide better and faster service than any Broward County DMV. We are your Oakland Park go-to when it comes to car registration.

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