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How Important is My Car Title

Being a car owner comes with some responsibility. Beyond knowing and respecting traffic rules and keeping your car in good condition, you also need to be sure that all your car documents are in order. One of the most essential documents that your car must have is a car title. During the process of buying, inheriting, or being gifted a car, the title is an important player because it determines the current ownership and details of the car.

To break it down, a Car Title is…

A legal document that contains essential information about any car. It includes the current owner of the car, the lien information (if the car is collateral for debt), the condition of the car, and other details like the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model & year of the car, and plate number among other things. Think of it as an identification card or biodata form, but for a car. There are different types of car titles depending on the car’s condition (history of damages and repairs) and the form of ownership.

Now, a car title is quite important based on all the information that it carries. But it also has more importance when it comes to verifying ownership, transactions pertaining to the car, and other legal issues.

So, how important is a car title?

Firstly, it is the top legitimate proof of ownership. If a car is stolen, missing, or under inspection/dispute, the first thing the authorities have to establish is the title attached to the car -and the owner indicated on the car title. So, to avoid the incidence of fraud, theft, or trouble with law enforcement, be sure to have a car title. And make sure it is updated with current information.

Additionally, the car title can determine the value of a car. We mentioned earlier that a car title can bear information about the damages and repairs done to a car, and in the automobile business that is important in determining the cost value of a vehicle. If you plan to sell your car or use it as collateral, the title is your best bet at getting the right value in any transaction.

As mentioned above, a car title helps you to tender your car as valid collateral for a loan. Any institution or private lender giving you a loan wants to make sure that they won’t end up giving up their collateral when someone else shows up to claim it. So they always request for the car title to prove ownership. Also, the car title will be updated with lien information to show that it is currently being used as collateral and, therefore, cannot be sold unless the potential buyer wants to buy the loan as well.

In Conclusion,

‘How important is a car title?’ - it is very important. The details contained in the document give your car its legitimate identity and that helps you avoid trouble with the law. It makes your life easy.

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