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Florida Out-of-State Car Registration

Are you planning to move to Paradise? Does that move include moving your car? You’re in good company; Florida is growing at a rate of more than 300,000 people each year, and many of those new residents have to register their vehicles.

There are three parts to registering your vehicle in Florida. Your license plate is the place to start. There is only one license plate required in Florida and it is affixed to the rear bumper of your car.

You will then need a decal/sticker that is placed on the right corner of the plate. This sticker shows the month and year that your registration expires. The third part is the registration card. This contains the information about the vehicle and its legal owner. This card should always be kept in your car.

How do I know if I need to have a Florida registration?

If you are a resident of the state and operate your vehicle in Florida, you are required to have a Florida plate on your car. You are considered a resident if you are a student in the state, or have a child that is enrolled in a Florida school. Also, if you are employed in Florida, have a lease, rental or purchase agreement for a home in Florida. Members of the military and their families may be exempt from residency. Keep in mind, if you are not considered a resident of Florida, you may still operate your vehicle that is registered in another state.

How do I register my car?

You will need to provide the Florida DMV with the current title, sometimes called a pink slip, or Certificate of Title and also Florida insurance card, coupled with an ID or passport. You can then complete the application for title and registration.

What is the Certificate of Title or pink slip?

This is a legal document that states ownership of the vehicle. The title is signed to an individual when there is a new owner due to the car being sold or gifted. Your title may have a “lien” if you’ve financed or leased the vehicle.

If you were gifted, or you purchased your car from outside the state of Florida and did not get the title from the former owner, you may be able to show a bill of sale that has been notarized to transfer at a DMV office.

Don’t forget the proof of insurance.

The necessary documents can be provided by a Florida auto insurance carrier, or you can contact your current provider yourself. The provider can send you the necessary documents, or send them directly to the DMV.

Once your car is properly transferred to Florida, there is nothing to do but enjoy the drive in the Sunshine State. At Broward Auto Tags, we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all things auto tags. Whether it is for a new tag or title, tag renewal, or a new registration, we have it all. Avoid the hassle at the DMV and come to Broward Auto TAgs, a simple process that will be completed in the same day. Call us today!

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