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Does the DMV Care About Their Customers?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting a DMV office, you know where all those “waiting in line” jokes came from. They are hardly a joke, more like: making us laugh while placed in horrible situations.

Why is going to the DMV so horrible? Let’s touch on the obvious first: No one wants to be there. If you’re in a DMV office, you are there for some sort of governmental paperwork, and with governmental paperwork, comes spending money. Who wouldn’t love this option as a pastime?

Not only are you somewhere you don’t want to be, so are the DMV employees. The paycheck is historically low, the stress level is historically high, and who wants to explain something, say “Next”, and do it all over again, a kazillion times in a row? Hint: Not you. Not them.

Oh, and not only are DMV employees on a treadmill of tedium, but they also get to tell lots and lots of people things they know are going to make them good and angry. For instance: Your license has been suspended, Sir. There is a small reinstatement fee of $600 before that license can be renewed. We cannot accept checks. Additionally, you now have 12 points on your license. A defensive driving course will be necessary. I do not handle said defensive driving course Sir, but I can provide you a map, and phone number, to traffic court. No sir, I am not joking. While I understand you’d like to speak to my manager, she decided today was not a good day for her to attend work. No sir, I promise you I am not joking. Next.

How would you feel if you were the punchline to every joke that ended with, “I’d rather spend the day at the DMV?” “Not very positive about your career choice”, would be one solid answer. If you’d prefer not to take part in what everyone else clearly finds super-fun, you have options! Light at the end of the tunnel! Hope! You can hand it off to someone who really does enjoy what they do, which is helping you.

Auto Tags of Broward County can not only offer you help, but they can also offer you a smile, and lightning-fast results. Three of the many things you will not find at the DMV. Let’s be honest, the reason you care about DMV is that you thought you had to, (that was before you knew better). There is no reciprocity rule here; DMV does not have to care about you…so…they don’t. They simply move on to the next person, next unpleasant interaction, and the next day on that treadmill.

But you! You are not on the treadmill, you are cruising the road of life, kicked back, enjoying time spent anywhere but at the DMV. No joke.

If you are looking for a tag agency in Fort Lauderdale, Auto Tags of Oakland Park is the one for you. Along with their strive to help and greet others with a smile, Broward Auto Tags is the tag agency that cares for others. Visit our website for more information on all your tag and title needs.

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