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Car Titles and Registration - Why We Need Them

Owning a car comes with a ton of responsibility on and off the road. And the very first responsibility you need to be up to date with is the car title and registration. All cars -new, old, gifted, or inherited- must have a car title and be registered with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Car titles are basically like the ID cards for your vehicle, containing all necessary information about the car. From the make and year to the registration year, any lien details, and everything a law enforcement officer or potential buyer needs to know to verify your ownership of the vehicle. Having that information be accessible may not sound convincing enough to go through the process of getting your car title and registration done, but there are vital reasons why you need them. Here are a few of the reasons.

Fee for non-compliance

The most important thing you need to know about getting your car title and registration completed is the fact that failure to do so can result in some fees. If you have not registered your vehicle by the deadline, you have to pay a delinquent fee that is determined by your license tax. For out-of-state vehicles, the deadline for registration is within 10 days of moving to Florida.

Ownership Proof

Car titles are the most legitimate way to prove ownership of a vehicle. All the essential information about you and the car are provided on the car title and can be verified easily. It gives you legal rights to make certain changes to the car, give it out, or transfer ownership after selling the vehicle. In case of theft or accident, it also comes in handy to be identified as the true owner of the vehicle. The car title can also provide potential buyers or lenders with information about any prior damage or history with the car. Car titles contain information such as the lien holder’s information if there is a prior lien on the vehicle.

Avoid run-ins with the law

Being on the right side of the law is essential, not optional. And without the right -and updated- car title and registration documents, you are not considered the legal owner of a vehicle. So to avoid awkward situations explaining yourself to law enforcement, you should definitely get your car title and registration completed.

Most car dealers complete the registration and car title update process for buyers but if you are buying or getting a car through other channels, you may have to complete the process by yourself.

To surmise, you need to get a car title if;

  • You are buying or selling cars through non-dealership channels (private sellers, gifts, inheritance, etc.).

  • You are changing your residential address or legal name.

  • You are bringing an out-of-state registered car into Florida.

At Auto Tags, we offer the best car titles and registrations services in Florida to help you stay updated on your vehicle information. We save you any stress and inconvenience by evaluating your application according to Florida state laws to ensure your approval and quick registration! If you are looking for the best Oakland Park tag agency, look no further than Auto Tags of Oakland Park. We specialize in Oakland Park tag renewals, Oakland Park tags and titles, and more. Don’t go to the Oakland Park DMV when you can stop by Oakland Park Auto Tags today. Give us a call or find our website here - we also offer online renewals on this page.

To learn more about the importance of car titles and registration, check out these resources below:

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