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Car Titles and Registration: When to Renew

As a car owner in Florida, it is important to understand the rules and regulations regarding car titles and registration. Car titles and registration serve as proof that you legally own and are allowed to operate your vehicle on public roads. Failure to keep these documents up to date could result in fines, penalties, and even legal issues.

When To Renew In Florida, you should renew your car title when you first purchase a vehicle or when the current title expires. Car titles in Florida are typically valid for 6 years. However, if you sell your vehicle before the title expires, you will need to transfer the title to the new owner.

If you fail to renew your car title when it expires, you may be subject to fines and penalties. It may even lead to your vehicle being impounded if you are caught driving with an expired registration. It is important to renew your registration annually and to keep your registration card in your vehicle at all times. Additionally, driving with an expired title may result in legal consequences if you are involved in an accident or receive a traffic violation.

How To Renew Renewing your car title in Florida is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to have your current car title and proof of auto insurance in order to renew your car title in Florida. Then, depending on your circumstances, you may need to complete additional paperwork in order to renew your car title. For example, if you are changing your name or address, you will need to fill out a name or address change form.

After completing the forms and paying the necessary fees, you can submit your application for car title renewal in person at your local Florida DHSMV office or by mail. If you choose to submit your application by mail, be sure to include all required documents and fees. Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive your renewed car title in the mail.

Why Is It Important?

You need to have both a valid car title and registration in order to operate your vehicle on public roads in Florida. Driving without these documents could result in legal issues and penalties. Therefore, it is important to keep your car title and registration up to date and readily available in your vehicle. Furthermore, it is important to transfer your car title to the new owner if you sell your vehicle before the title expires as this is a legally-required process in selling a car. To avoid any potential legal consequences, it is recommended to transfer the title as soon as possible after selling the vehicle.

If you need to register or renew your car title/registration, Auto Tags is the best DMV alternative in South Florida. At Auto Tags, we offer a variety of DMV services, including title and registration renewals, that save you time and hassle by handling the process and ensuring that your documents are renewed properly and on time!

At Auto Tags of Oakland Park, we help you secure title transfers, register your out-of-state vehicles, and provide other consultation and Oakland Park DMV alternative services in South Florida. Don’t waste your time at any other Oakland Park tag agencies when you can stop by Oakland Park Auto Tags. We specialize in all things Oakland Park tag and title, including Oakland Park tag renewals, and more. Check out our website here or find our online renewals page here to get started.

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