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Car Titles 101: How to Get a Car Title

Just got a car or do you plan to? You need a car title. A car title is a document that verifies the legal right to ownership of the car. This document proves beyond doubt that the car belongs to the person whose name is inscribed on it. A car title can be requested by the authorities in certain situations, it can also prove useful in applicable legal cases. If you own a car, getting a car title is non-negotiable. Here are some basics to keep in mind when you are ready to get one:

Compile your documents

To get a title for your new car in Florida, you need to have and present the essential documents that are required for this process. These documents usually involve your driver’s license, loan information, car title and registration fees, proof of insurance and ownership, and petition for the title.

Apply at the state Department of motor vehicles (DMV)

Car titles are issued by the state’s department of motor vehicles or department of transportation, which in this case is the Florida Department of motor vehicles. After figuring out the office to apply at, go there with your title fee which differs per state. Your state’s department will put you through how to make the payment. After this process, you will be informed as regards when to come for your car title. And depending on the state, you may be sent yours by mail.

Duplicate titles

If you misplace your car title or got it torn or damaged, you need not worry, you can apply online or in person for a duplicate title. If you are applying in person, remember to carry along the essential document you used to apply for your previous car title or the essential documents for a new application. Although this might come with additional cost from the Florida Department of motor vehicles, it is possible to get a duplicate title. However, it is always advisable that you keep your car title well enough to avoid the stress of getting a new one.

Cases of transfer

In situations where you relocate to a new state, you will need to get a car title from your new state’s department of motor vehicles. This car title will indicate your new address as your previous car title is no longer valid within the terrain of your new location. To get a car title transfer, prepare essential documents with information such as your address, registration information, transfer forms from the DMV website, plate number, and basic ownership-related information.

Car title components

Your car title of the course will consist of essential information like your name, indicating that you are the registered owner, your address, the type of car and year, vehicle identification number (VIN), and the plate number.

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