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Auto Tags vs the DMV

I’m sure, at least once, you’ve thought to yourself, I’d rather wait in a DMV line than do this. (Insert thing you hate to do, here.) There’s a reason people think waiting in a DMV line is torture; because it is! Standing and waiting, and…standing and waiting, only to take care of some tedious paperwork, does not a fun day make. Trying to busy yourself while vertical for, potentially hours, is no small feat. Just try not to hear the couple in front of you arguing, block out that guy talk-yelling into his cell phone next to you, and disregard the random kid running between everyone’s legs while they all stand and wait.

But wait, there’s hope! The DMV has thoughtfully come up with a way to beat this torture! They sure did, they offer you the opportunity to make an appointment! Just get on the DMV website to make an appointment for tomorrow during your lunch break. Great idea! But wait, the next available appointment to take care of that tedious, timely, paperwork is next month? Not-so-great idea.

There actually is another option available, and this one actually works. Using Auto Tags to manage your car’s tag, title, or registration is the answer. Want a personalized plate and have no idea where to begin? Use Auto Tags. Need to transfer title? Got an out-of-state-car conundrum? You know the answer, use Auto Tags! You can renew your vehicle (and vessel!) registration over the phone with a credit card. Can it be any easier? Yup. You can manage handicap permits and HOV decals with Auto Tags too.

But wait, there’s more! Auto Tags of Broward services the whole sunny-state of Florida as a courier service to register and title all types of vehicles. They also love the work they do. You won’t encounter once single, a scowling person when you work with Auto Tags. You can avoid DMV-drudgery with a single phone call. You’d better get on it, you only have about ten more hours to wait in that DMV line.

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